My Health and Wellness Journey

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I am officially starting on my health and wellness journey to overcome this awful disease called Diabetes. When I first was diagnosed 4 years ago, I was able to reduce my A1c from 10 to 6.4. Over the years I slowly got more lax and my last A1c was 7. Not too bad, but I could do better. To be honest everyday is a new adventure in feeling awful. I have never been a “go to the doctor” kind of person, and I am sure I was un-diagnosed for my many years. I was too busy working multiple jobs to go to the doctor, just brushed it aside and did what I needed to do… work and support my family. So, the damage was done and has steadily gotten worst over the years. I won’t go into my tale of woe except to say that this disease is taking its toll me. Not to mention that I am still one of those people who still smokes a pack of cigarettes a day! I know, I know. Don’t worry, stopping smoking is number one on my list!

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So, onward and forward!! Let’s begin!! There is not time to waste and procrastinate any longer. Today is the day!!

I have read that Black Pepper essential oil is an excellent to use to overcome addiction,and that it is good choice to help quit smoking. I did try it inhaling it, but to tell the truth it didn’t do anything for me. Maybe because I have smoked for so long, and maybe because the hand to mouth motion is a hard habit to break too. I came upon an article on the Hippy Homemaker website. It is called Kick Your Habit in the Butt – Using Essential Oils to Quit Smoking. There is a recipe called Butt Kicker. I love the name!  I love the website too and visit often. The main ingredient in the recipe is Black Pepper. We are off to a good start.  Inhaling Black Pepper essential oil has been found in studies to reduce cigarette cravings, as well as anxiety. Clary Sage is the second ingredient, one of my favorites!

I  usually like to make my own recipes, but since this has been a tried and true recipe, I am going to try it. I probably will put my own spin on it once I begin blending. There is always that oil(s) that call out to me, and I add them. I figure they are calling out to me for a reason. Oils and herbs are gifts of the earth, with own vibration and energy. If you feel drawn to one, go ahead and try it. There is no wrong choice with essential oils. One thing about essential oil recipes, you can try one and see how works for you.  Sometimes you may be guided to add an oil, or replace an oil.  Or you may do some research, and find some others that work well also. It is okay to make the recipe your own unique blend. I will post my recipe tomorrow but if you would like to try the Butt Kicker recipe, you can find it here.

If you are a smoker and would like to join me on my journey, you can read more about Black Pepper here and purchase doTERRA Black Pepper Essential Oil on my website.

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