Turmeric Paste and Golden Milk

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I just made some Turmeric Paste. I haven’t make it in a while, so I was excited to get started. I found a new recipe that I really like over at Where is my Spoon? I came upon it as I was searching for a new recipe to use that incorporated ginger and cinnamon. Since I am a diabetic, I thought adding these ingredients would be very beneficial. This recipe was perfect and also called for nutmeg. You can find the recipe here. I tweaked it just a bit and added extra ginger. It was perfect! I love it in my Golden Milk.!

For my Golden Milk I used Coconut Milk, a tsp of Turmeric Paste, and orange organic honey. It was delicious. I love when I find a “keeper” recipe. The next time I make it I may add a bit more cinnamon. That is what is nice about recipes, you can tweak them to fit your taste and make them your own.

I am sure you have been reading a lot about Turmeric. It initially caught my attention because it is anti-inflammatory, helps with concessional stiff joints and can be effective in controlling blood sugar. It has many other benefits as well.  Tumeric paste is made with black pepper.Black pepper, which contains piperine,, had been found to increase the benefits of turmeric. Many studies have been done as to the benefits of Turmeric and Turmeric Paste. Make sure and do your research.  Foods can interfere and have side effects with medication, so make sure and check with your doctor if you have any concerns.



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