I met June in September at a conference and mentioned my knee was bothering me and it hurt even to do basic yoga. It felt like i twisted it laterally and it’s been a year it’s still aching. She asked me a few questions and the next day gave me a wonderful smelling oil! I forgot about using it that day as I was traveling so I left it in my makeup bag. At my next yoga class I felt the pain again and rolled in on my knee (love the roll on top!) that night and the next day I put it on again, not because the knee hurt, but because as I open my bag i fall in LOVE with the smell of this special oil blend. Weeks go by and I get a note from June asking about my knee and wow! I couldn’t remAember what she was asking as I had just realized that it stopped hurting altogether! Thanks June! Ironically two weeks ago I somehow spraAined my neck so badly that I couldn’t turn my head to the left. I was about to call the chiropractor as it was not getting better and It was killing me. Days later I come across the oil in my makeup bag and applied it. Within hours the pain was totally gone and never returned! This is poignant stuff she’s got! It’s like magic and I’d never believe an oil blend like this could cure so so well! Thank you June! You are blessed with magical healing powers and knowledge! Love ❤️ your oils!!!

~ Nadine