The Body, Mind and Spirit Connection

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chakras“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract. ~ Abraham Hicks

We talk a lot about physical healing, but there is also another aspect of healing that has to do with  our emotions, and our spiritual life as well. The body is a reflection and the physical manifestation of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions about ourselves, other people and the world around us.. Everything is energy, and everything has  vibration….. and Vibration is the essence of the Universe. Our bodies and our entire universe are a great symphony of vibration, all vibrating at its own unique frequency.  It manifests in each of us, in nature, in the seen and unseen. To be in perfect health, our body, mind and spirit need to be in alignment. Our body has rotating energy centers called Chakras. The graphic shows 7  Chakras, but there are  more that reach outside of our body. When our chakras are all rotating, and vibrating in harmony, we are then in perfect alignment and balanced in body, mind and spirit, we are in a harmonic state of wholeness and wellness. 

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